Let's look at this humorous picture stating the major differences between a man and a woman. It's for illustration purpose only and yet it so eloquently demonstrates how women are (or make things) so much more complicated. Yes, there are fundamental differences between men and women and yet 91% of all Fibromyalgia sufferers are women. Let's learn something from our fellow male friend and keep things simpler...

Hello Dear Ones,

Last night I went to a drug store to get a couple of items for my daughter when a $3.99 bar of Swiss Chocolate filled with Tiramisu was calling my name (I heard it loud and clear!).

Before I continue you must know that I’m an avid believer in eating chocolate at least 6 out of 7 days each week. Having grown up in Switzerland you can imagine that chocolate was a part of our daily diet – a must have. Switzerland has only 3 approved preservatives compared to 15 in the United States. And as you may know, it’s the preservatives that may cause our illnesses including cancer and more. If there is one thing I wish people would learn how to read it’s the “ingredients” not the “nutritional value” label.

The chocolate content in this bar is barely 20-30%. The rest is sugar, butter and other non-beneficial stuff. I asked myself silently why I was craving this bar of chocolate when I had a bar of chocolate at home that was 85% “proof.” And while I was walking through the aisles thinking about the answer I realized that earlier yesterday morning I had to say “good bye” to a friend and my heart was aching a little. I started to think about my friend and how it got to this place and wondered how things could have ended up different. As my mind was weighing the “good bye” and the urge for chocolate, I found myself in line with the items I went there for in the first place, without the bar of chocolate, when something interesting happened.

The woman in front of me was blind and accompanied by her guide dog, a beautiful yellow lab. All she wanted to buy was a can of ice tea, costing a total of $1.04. She had her $1 bill ready but when the cashier asked for the 4 cents, the blind woman said she would have to look for it in her pocket. The cashier responded that she would cancel the order and hold the ice tea for her until she got back in line with the correct amount. The blind woman took her dollar and walked outside before I could say anything. I was flabbergasted at her lack of empathy and impatience and told the cashier to put the ice tea on my tab.

This took place at night in the dark and it was freezing cold. After paying for it I walked outside where the blind lady was digging through her many pockets of her jackets and pant pockets trying to find the appropriate change. I handed her the ice tea and said: “Here is your tea.” She apologized for not being able to find her quarter in time and for making me wait in line and asked me what she owed me: “Nothing, enjoy it,” I said. She thanked me profusely and I walked off to my car.

Suddenly a huge epiphany occurred to me as I walked across the parking lot with a slight bounce in my walk. All of a sudden the dots between unhappiness, ego, giving, being overweight and sorrowful eating made all  sense to me! And I remembered what my good role model and hero, Walter Russell, said…

A story I want to share with you tomorrow. Stay tuned for part 2 of this story and check back in tomorrow!

Meanwhile, here is a fun “personality test” you can take online. There are only 4 questions (that make you think) and there are no right or wrong answers. http://memoriter.net/flash/test.html
Discovering the right Fibromyalgia treatment is crucial if you want to achieve total healing. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue are painful conditions and the depth of pain varies from patient to patient and from day to day. It is possible to find a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatment and a Fibromyalgia treatment. The most obvious distinction between Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia is the difference in pain level. Most Fibromyalgia sufferers experience chronic fatigue, but not all chronic fatigue sufferers experience full body pain.

Chaszey has been free from Fibromyalgia for over 10 years and she shares her hard-earned and sacred path to a complete healing in her new Book - Inspiration to Live - a Spiritual Step-by-Step Action Guide to Healing Fibromyalgia.

Here is just a summary of the most familiar Fibromyalgia treatments offered:

Fibromyalgia Medications:

An optional Fibromyalgia treatment is over the counter pain medications such as Tylenol, Aleve, Motrin or Advil may work temporarily to take the edge off the pain ridden body. Unfortunately they are not as useful, especially since a Fibromyalgia sufferer feels more like they are bruised all over the body. Therefore, physicians often prescribe other medications such as antidepressants in combination with over the counter medications. Part of your Fibromyalgia treatment strategy might be to include antidepressants such as Cymbalta or Savella. Doctors may also prescribe anti-seizure drugs like Neurontin or Lyrica.

Since I have myself suffered from Fibromyalgia for many years and now have been symptom free for more than ten years, I strongly urge people not to overload their already irritated nervous system with a temporary band-aid such as medication. Especially since I was successfully able to heal myself from the inside out with alternative and natural ways. To read my full story or get my book visit my web site at www.inspirationtolive.com.

Fibromyalgia Self-Help:

Additional Fibromyalgia treatment options are to include pain therapy, which is what my physician prescribed a number of years ago. He said that learning how to deal with pain was essential since this condition is never-ending and there are no cures. Personally I refused to consider that there are no cures for this condition, and I'm glad I did (because I was right). There is a treatment.

Part of your Fibromyalgia treatment plan might be to receive individual counseling. Talking to a professional about the challenges this condition brings can help, but only temporarily. In my book I talk about the importance to stop talking about this condition. The more you talk about it, the more you feed its essence. As an alternative talk about the good days ahead and what you're setting up to do when you're totally healed and in better shape than ever.

Physical Therapy and soft massages might also become part of your Fibromyalgia treatment strategy. It is important that you stay away from the general massages such as deep tissue or Swedish massages. They are simply too interfering for your swollen nerves. Instead you may settle for and get pleasure from a lymphatic massage.

Lifestyle Modifications:

An imperative practice to include in your Fibromyalgia treatment strategy is to add a soft and satisfying exercise regime. I can't emphasize this enough. It was the last thing I had energy for, the last thing I wanted to do because every move was painful. Now in hindsight it was the single thing that propelled me forward in the direction of healing Fibromyalgia once and for all. It's important that you are kind with yourself and there is no need to get yourself onto a black, double diamond ski slope packed with moguls; it would only make things worse. Gentle walking and light, light weight lifting to start can work wonders. The key is consistency.

And most importantly - your Fibromyalgia diet. I explain in my book what foods to avoid and what foods to add and I am giving out a few of them with you at this time. While your body is fighting this condition it is critical to stay away from white sugars. White sugar is a natural inflammatory, which is the exact opposite of what your Fibromyalgia treatment strategy needs to entail. Sugar regrettably can be found in many things: sodas, alcohol, ketchup, etc. You must temporarily give up all white sugars if you want total healing from Fibromyalgia. If you must use a sweetener in your tea you can check out using alternatives such as blue agave nectar or stevia.

Another important food group to avoid is dairy. There are a few expectations such as real butter. I grew up on a farm in the Swiss mountains and dairy, cheese, butter and cream were part of our daily menu. I couldn't have envisioned a day without any of them. For a Fibromyalgia sufferer, however, dairy is a natural clogger and acts almost like a glue within the nerves of your vessel.

There are many, many other steps you can add to your Fibromyalgia treatment plan. I talk about it in my book and on my web site. And I will keep on posting articles here and on my blog. Join my e-newsletter and learn even more. I can promise you one thing - there is hope because there is a cure and the cure is within you! I am living testimony.

Chaszey is a keynote presenter and author of Inspiration to Live - a Spiritual Step-by-Step Action Guide to Healing Fibromyalgia. She has been Fibromyalgia free for over 10 years and teaches new Fibromyalgia healing methods that promote effortless health. You can download her eBook now here and receive over $500 in bonuses. Her soft cover copy will be available on Amazon in April 2010.